Books in the "Secrets" Series
With her dog King for company, Aurora Harris returns to her childhood home at Smith Mountauin Lake, Virginia, for her mother's furneral. When she unlocks the door of the house on Spawing Run Road, she discovers terrifing truths and the SECRETS AT SPAWING RUN.
Who is killing people at Smith Mountain Lake? Before she can stop the murderer, Aurora Harris must first uncover the SECRETS AT SWEETWATER COVE.
Who is killing people at Smith Mountain Lake? 
Is Sweetwater Cove really sweet?
Books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Infinity and family members. E-books are also available from e-book publishers.
The family has a limited number of both books that
can be obtained on Ebay at the reduced price of
$11.25 with free shipping in the US. Just search for Sally Roseveare or the book's title.